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Why Aruba? No Hurricanes!!!!!!      Why A Vacation Villa? Read On...

Benefits of a Vacation Villa vs. Hotels

Vacation rentals simply offer more than what you can get from a single hotel room – More amenities, more luxuries, privacy, flexibility and space made to enrich your vacation experience. Booking a vacation rental offers a special and unique experience by giving the vacationer an opportunity to live like the locals and embrace the culture. Not to mention it feels more like home.
Vacation rentals allow you as the renter to turn someone’s dream home into your vacation.

Privacy- No more worrying about how much noise you're making and whether the folks in the next room will call the Front Desk on you because of the paper-thin walls. If you've ever been worried that some security guy will be knocking on your door because you dared to have a good time, a vacation villa is perfect for you! You get to get up when you want and not have to worry about the ever-present "maid service" knock on the door. If the parental unit needs "ahem" some private time, you just retire to separate quarters; try doing that in a 300SF hotel room with kids underfoot.

Space- Most private villas range from 1200sf to 10,000sf compared to a 300sf hotel room or even a "huge" 800 sf-2 bedroom timeshare. Everyone gets to do what they want to do when they want to do it. While Mom is reading in the Sun Room, the kids can play in the backyard, while Dad drinks a Balashi lying in the patio hammock. Try having several days of inclemental weather in a hotel room; NIGHTMARE if you have kids!
In most villas you have several TVs & games on hand and plenty of rooms to retreat to. In a hotel room, you're cramped in a tiny space or you venture out to the public areas and pay through the nose for "entertainment". At a private villa, just like at home, you can pop in a DVD from the video library, make some popcorn in the microwave and wait out the weather.

Be a Local- While you may be a tourist, you probably don’t want to hangout with other tourists. Hotel resorts are overwhelmed by out-of-towners. Not only is a vacation rental quieter and more private than a hotel, but staying in one makes it easy to immerse yourself into the local character of the city or town you’re visiting… and isn’t that the point?

Relax- Remember, you’re on vacation to relax. A large vacation rental home offers everyone the opportunity to do their own thing and have their own space. Large hotel suites are very costly and you still end up looking at the same walls for a week. In a vacation rental you never have to worry about loud neighbors on the other side of the wall or the amorous couple next door enjoy themselves a little too loudly. You also will never be disturbed by annoying hotel staff or guests talking at high volume outside your door. You never need a Do Not Disturb sign on a vacation rental.

Amenities- To enjoy all the amenities a vacation villa offers at a hotel, you would have to book the Presidential Suite every time, and it would probably still not afford you all the ammenities of a private villa. The majority of vacation rentals have fully equipped kitchens and living areas. Many homes also feature formal dining rooms, large dens, hot tubs, private pools, laundry rooms, game rooms and large yards. Most vacation rentals also have TV’s, cable, DVD players and stereos. Many now offer free wi-fi which is an extra charge at most hotels and timeshares.

More for your Money
For the cost of single bedroom hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to rent a multi-bedroom villa. While attempting to accommodate an entire family in multiple hotel rooms, you can treat yourself to a large multi-bedroom home with a full size kitchen, fully furnished living room, spacious bathroom, and laundry facilities. When traveling with larger groups and splitting the costs, you find your per per diem (daily) rates drastically lower than standard hotel room or even timeshares. Perhaps this is why vacation rentals are popular choices for extended families, friends, parties, those planning company excursions, and sport teams. Whereas most hotel rates vary according to single or double occupancy, vacation rentals advertise a flat fee based on a low-season or high-season. Only till you exceed the occupancy will the owner charge an extra fee per person and usually it’s minimal.

With many families cash-strapped due to the global financial crisis, you can't find a better value than vacation rentals. In Aruba, a typical double occupancy hotel room nightly charge is approx $250 or $1500 per week; for a party of 6, that would represent 3 hotels rooms or $4500 for a total week's stay. This means the per person average cost for the entire week is $750 or $125 per diem (daily) per person. Conversely, those same 6 guests renting Casa Koyari for a week, can expect to spend between $1250-$1450 per week total. The per person weekly rate would be $241 during high season or $208 for low season for a per diem (daily) rate of $29 per person low season and $34 high-season. That amounts to an average savings of 75% per person. You can't beat that.

Dining & Laundry – with full kitchens, you can make your own meals and snacks at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at restaurants and area attractions. You can cook and do laundry. If you're on a budget, both of these factors can be huge benefits. Obviously, eating every meal in a restaurant gets pricey. The ability to prepare meals "at home" not only saves money, there's just something nice about savoring a home-cooked meal while on vacation. (And for parents of small children, it's far less stressful than choking down meals while praying that the next table doesn't have to endure a toddler tantrum!) As for the washer and dryer factor--well, being able to bring fewer clothes is not only a sanity saver during packing, it's a space saver given the new airline baggage rules

Property Managers on site- Worry free stay. Not only does Casa Koyari employ a full time Property Manager that is on call 24x7 for any issues that may arise, but the Property Manager can arrange for many additional services such as spa treatments, sightseeing tours, catering and most other special requests.


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